The Gateway to Knowledge – Full documentary now available online

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Trailer Release

The video will premiere on Thursday, March 8, 2012 at the Independent Professional Projects Presentations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The full video will be released on the weekend.

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A documentary in the making

‘The Gateway to Knowledge’ has been a year-long project of Alyssa McDonald that is finally starting to come to the end.

It explores literacy in Ghana’s rural areas and how a mobile library project has started delivering books to kids that would otherwise have no access.

I originally filmed the documentary when I was interning with Journalists for Human Rights in Takoradi, Ghana last summer. I have been working on developing the story since and am finally reaching the end of the line.

A glimpse of the mobile library

This is not the first time I have written about it. Please see other resources about the mobile library so you can have a taste of what the documentary is about.

Feature on Radio Maxx

Article on jhr’s blog:

“To the Book-Mobile: Ghana’s Library on Wheels”

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